New Course: Cohering the Radical Present

I am pleased to announce that I am offering a new virtual course.

Cohering the Radical Present: Integral Consciousness in Daily Life.”

Naturally, the course will be hosted online, through a newly revamped Nura Learning (under the hood, I am using Mighty Networks for the actual course space, featuring forums, modules, etc. all in one portal).

This course, as I mentioned elsewhere, has been the result of many different students reaching out to me about a “Gebser practice.” There isn’t one. Or at least there wasn’t any explicit practice Gebser offered. After two annual classes reading Ever-Present Origin, receiving feedback and mutual insight from students, I think we’re finally ready to go forward with a praxis-centered offering.

There is no one practice or methodology for “cohering” the structures of consciousness, for living integrally in daily life, but we can approach techniques and methods with an integral sensibility.

I also have the honor of working with some great peers, who will be joining me as guest teacher: Debashish Banerji (Chair of East-West Psychology, CIIS), Barbara Karlsen (Somatic Psychotherapist), Brandt Stickley (Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Integral Philosopher), and Jared Janes (Contemplative Teacher and co-host of the Both/And Podcast, With Jared Podcast). These are friends and colleagues who have offered me insightful feedback on what an integral praxis could be.

We start on Sunday, October 4 and run through December 6. Five pre-recorded modules, seven Zoom calls. Syllabus and guidebook — a sort of integral, contemplative “book of hours” for participants.


You can read the full course description on the registration page.

Gift Economy

I’d like to make this as accessible as possible, so Gift Economy exchange is available. Generally, I point people to sign up for my Patreon and send me a note/email about wanting to get on the course list. Pay what you can, you won’t be turned away.

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