Notes in Transit

En route from New York to Tampa Bay.

It was great to (finally) reconnect with my family and friends after 1.5 years of lockdown. A homecoming! New York has changed, and hasn’t. The same, but different; intermingling melancholy and triumph. Refitted subways. Towering cyberpunk architecture completed during lockdown’s interlude. Masks and sanitizer kiosks and outdoor seating pods, some now permanent fixtures in the archeology of Greenwich streets. Heartened to celebrate the mayoral victory of India Walton. Manhattan’s mayoral race less so, but it’s good to see my city alive, teeming, again.

Wifi signal at La Guardia just strong enough to zap in the acoustic tunes of my friend, Turquoise, and well-wishes from the beautiful Integral Leadership club.

Yesterday’s patreon call was a rich orbiting discussion on decolonization, animism, and the commons. I recommend Andreas Weber’s work to readers here, as well.

Perhaps it’s the metamodern tension we ought to be leaning into. The unbearable awkwardness in our becoming non-modern (Latour), all while cultivating the vastness of a simple, friendly gesture: the open hand (Han). We are “always coming home” (Le Guin), we are Earthbound, seemingly in spite of ourselves and because of our selves. This tension, its betweenness, its metaxy I hold to be an exquisite one, a kind of medicine, a dynamically creative intelligence—this learning to become placed-based and bioregional in our thinking and non-linear in our time. The news may be dire, but our cultural attitudes are what are being disassembled and recast into a “slower urgency” (Akomolafe). The great aperspectival world is boundless here, and open, and so, if we are less than hubristic and more than clever we may respond in kind…

Now back to the work editing Mutations anthology1 and writing Fragments of an Integral Futurism. See you on the pages.


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