Author: JDJ

Notes on Designing Aperspectivital Containers

This piece is an interesting permaculture/regenerative take on the 1969 Eames “Design Diagram.” I was initially struck by how it resembles the Calabi-Yau manifold I often use to illustrate the relational wholeness of Jean Gebser’s consciousness structures (archaic through integral). Many of us in the Mutations community are, in some way, working with design. We’re […]

Notes in Transit

En route from New York to Tampa Bay. It was great to (finally) reconnect with my family and friends after 1.5 years of lockdown. A homecoming! New York has changed, and hasn’t. The same, but different; intermingling melancholy and triumph. Refitted subways. Towering cyberpunk architecture completed during lockdown’s interlude. Masks and sanitizer kiosks and outdoor […]

Appearances: Recent, Rumored and Forthcoming

2021 has kept me busy! I’m sharing a brief note about recent appearances and what’s coming next. First: high weirdness. Artist, musician, filmmaker, podcast host and longtime integralist Stuart Davis had me on his show, Aliens and Artists for a proper metaphysical conversation on non-human intelligences. I guess I’m coming out of my weird closet. […]

Seeing Through the World: Integrales Forum Seminar

In Collaboration with Integrales Forum, Germany This six part online seminar provides an introduction to Jean Gebser’s life and integral philosophy; a guide through the structures of consciousness, leading us into the spiritual import of realizing integral consciousness in our present moment of cultural crisis and transformation. Special attention will also be brought to connecting […]

New Course: Cohering the Radical Present

I am pleased to announce that I am offering a new virtual course. “Cohering the Radical Present: Integral Consciousness in Daily Life.” Naturally, the course will be hosted online, through a newly revamped Nura Learning (under the hood, I am using Mighty Networks for the actual course space, featuring forums, modules, etc. all in one […]

Integral as Participatory and Phenomenological

I’m listening to Daniel Thorson’s conversation with Zak Stein today and feeling deeply receptive to it. Zak’s mention of McLuhan was particularly revelatory. It made me think of the loss/gain character of any new medium. New media extend us, but they also cut us off—like the car replacing the foot. Social media extends communication, but […]

MEA Conference: Media Ecology as Remediation

Next Thursday, June 18th, I have the honor of presenting a paper at the Media Ecology Association’s annual conference. This year the theme is “Communication Choices and Challenges,” and my paper is entitled: “Media Ecology as Remediation: Marshall McLuhan and Jean Gebser in Dialogue”. My abstract is shared below: In this essay, I draw from […]

Entangled Myths for Planetary Flourishing, ft. Gordon White

In this episode, I was joined by Gordon White, host of Rune Soup podcast, a show about magic, culture and the paranormal. Gordon is the author of The Chaos Protocols, Star.Ships, and Pieces of Eight: Chaos Magic Essays and Enchantment. Note: This episode was recorded before the new year, in December 2019. A “pre-COVID-19 tape” […]

#11. The Meta-Crisis and Transitioning to a “Steady State” Civilization – Q&A [Friday Solo Show]

Mutations truly go on! As we wade further into the murky complexities of the meta-crisis, I bring you an update from COVID-19 quarantine. This is a recording from 4/2/20. Part riff, part Q&A discussion with viewers as we explore how to navigate the “meta-crisis,” including helpful ways of looking the current world state and navigating […]