Seeing Through the World: Integrales Forum Seminar

In Collaboration with Integrales Forum, Germany

This six part online seminar provides an introduction to Jean Gebser’s life and integral philosophy; a guide through the structures of consciousness, leading us into the spiritual import of realizing integral consciousness in our present moment of cultural crisis and transformation. Special attention will also be brought to connecting Gebser’s integral philosophy to the “meta-crisis,” metamodernist currents, and manifestations of the integral world in contemporary culture.

Your lecturer, Jeremy Johnson, is a scholar who has spent the last decade working with Ever-Present Origin and an integral aperspectival approach to thinking about cultural evolution.

Lectures will be presented every three weeks on a Friday, live on Zoom, and will include a Q&A segment with participants as well as breakout sessions.

Sessions will go approximately 90 minutes.

  1. March 12: Introduction — Jean Gebser, His Life, Work and Spiritual Import
  2. April 2: Origin and Time
  3. April 23: From the Archaic to Integral Consciousness
  4. May 14: Irruption, Intensification and Integral Concepts
  5. June 4: Metamodernism and Fragments of an Integral Futurism
  6. June 25: Manifestations of the Aperspectival World Today

Participants will be able to watch and keep the recording of each session. A syllabus with recommended reading will also be provided.

Registration: 125. -€

Pay what you can/customize your payment on PayPal.

About Your Instructor

Jeremy Johnson, MA, is a scholar, writer, and publisher at Revelore Press and the founder of Nura Learning. He received his masters in Consciousness Studies from Goddard College, VT, where he studied the intersections of media ecology, integral philosophy, and depth psychology. He is the author of Seeing Through the World: Jean Gebser and Integral Consciousness (2019) and an editor for Mutations: Art, Consciousness and the Anthropocene (2021) and the forthcoming Fragments of an Integral Future: Essays on Reclaiming Time. (2021). Jeremy is the current president of the International Jean Gebser Society, editor for Integral Leadership Review and a Senior Research Associate at Perspectiva. His writing has been featured in OMNI, Reality Sandwich magazine, Conscious Lifestyle, Kosmos Journal, Integral Leadership Review, Evolve Magazine, and Evolve and Ascend. 

New Course: Cohering the Radical Present

I am pleased to announce that I am offering a new virtual course.

Cohering the Radical Present: Integral Consciousness in Daily Life.”

Naturally, the course will be hosted online, through a newly revamped Nura Learning (under the hood, I am using Mighty Networks for the actual course space, featuring forums, modules, etc. all in one portal).

This course, as I mentioned elsewhere, has been the result of many different students reaching out to me about a “Gebser practice.” There isn’t one. Or at least there wasn’t any explicit practice Gebser offered. After two annual classes reading Ever-Present Origin, receiving feedback and mutual insight from students, I think we’re finally ready to go forward with a praxis-centered offering.

There is no one practice or methodology for “cohering” the structures of consciousness, for living integrally in daily life, but we can approach techniques and methods with an integral sensibility.

I also have the honor of working with some great peers, who will be joining me as guest teacher: Debashish Banerji (Chair of East-West Psychology, CIIS), Barbara Karlsen (Somatic Psychotherapist), Brandt Stickley (Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Integral Philosopher), and Jared Janes (Contemplative Teacher and co-host of the Both/And Podcast, With Jared Podcast). These are friends and colleagues who have offered me insightful feedback on what an integral praxis could be.

We start on Sunday, October 4 and run through December 6. Five pre-recorded modules, seven Zoom calls. Syllabus and guidebook — a sort of integral, contemplative “book of hours” for participants.


You can read the full course description on the registration page.

Gift Economy

I’d like to make this as accessible as possible, so Gift Economy exchange is available. Generally, I point people to sign up for my Patreon and send me a note/email about wanting to get on the course list. Pay what you can, you won’t be turned away.

New Course: Integral Consciousness and The Ever-Present Origin

Dear friends,

I’m pleased to (finally) announce the launch of my 2020 integral course on Nura: Seeing Through the World: Integral Consciousness and The Ever-Present Origin.

Enrollment is open. We begin on Sunday, February 22, 2020.

There are 10 pre-recorded modules, and 9 live, interactive sessions featuring guest lectures.

Our first announced guest lecturer is philosopher Gary Lachman.

Unlike last year, we won’t be going straight through Ever-Present Origin. No more cover-to-cover. Instead, I’ve selected a few choice chapters to deep dive with you.

Each module covers the major themes of Jean Gebser’s magnum opus, emphasizing their import to the “meaning crisis” of our present day.

In tandem with guest lecturers, I will be introducing practice modalities to explore concretizing, and embodying integral consciousness in our daily lives. This is what I get asked for most of all. I’m especially excited to learn from how it comes together for us in the cohort.

I also have the added benefit of my first book, STTW, as a reader’s companion.

How it works: We’ll meet on Zoom bi-weekly through Winter and Spring, log on to a Class Portal page (where all the pre-recorded modules and Zoom recordings are) and a Class Forum page (where all the discussions live).

I send you a reminder email shortly before and after each live session, with the next module assigned.

I will also offer “Office Hours” to the schedule, for those who want an extra Zoom session exploring the reading and practices.

Gebser’s principle of “diaphany,” as an experience of spiritual “epiphany” of integral consciousness, will be emphasized this year.

It is both a delight and an honor to drink deeply from the waters of Gebser’s wisdom, and to take time at the outset of this decade considering an integral reality together.

It is the highlight of my year to be able to offer this as an annual event.

Registration Questions: If you’d like to take the course, but need a hardship or student rate, don’t hesitate to reach out (my email is jeremy (at) nuralearning (dot) com).

There’s also Patreon, where you can send me a message after signing up. I find that Patreon’s subscription model offers a good “pay-what-you-can” structure, and don’t want to turn anyone away from the course. Plus, you also get access to the Mutations Discord channel, another way to chat.

Anticipating our explorations and insight.