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Seeing Through the World: Integrales Forum Seminar

In Collaboration with Integrales Forum, Germany This six part online seminar provides an introduction to Jean Gebser’s life and integral philosophy; a guide through the structures of consciousness, leading us into the spiritual import of realizing integral consciousness in our present moment of cultural crisis and transformation. Special attention will also be brought to connecting […]

New Course: Cohering the Radical Present

I am pleased to announce that I am offering a new virtual course. “Cohering the Radical Present: Integral Consciousness in Daily Life.” Naturally, the course will be hosted online, through a newly revamped Nura Learning (under the hood, I am using Mighty Networks for the actual course space, featuring forums, modules, etc. all in one […]

New Course: Integral Consciousness and The Ever-Present Origin

Dear friends, I’m pleased to (finally) announce the launch of my 2020 integral course on Nura: Seeing Through the World: Integral Consciousness and The Ever-Present Origin. Enrollment is open. We begin on Sunday, February 22, 2020. There are 10 pre-recorded modules, and 9 live, interactive sessions featuring guest lectures. Our first announced guest lecturer is […]